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Megan Coyle
2 December 1981
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I was born at Fairchild AFB, Spokane, WA, USA. My parents paid a whole $14 for me.

As a child, I discovered two things that could readily save me from the taunting and teasing I faced daily for being overweight: Books and my own twisted imagination. I have since decided that I should probably thank those children who drove me into the sweet sanctuary of the school library. They’re the reason I first decided that I wanted to write. So to Mikki Weddle, Jennifer Hipps, and Eric Eigstat, thank you. You drove me to this specific insanity that allows me to get by even today.

Unfortunately, as it frequently happens, I lost track of the few things I loved once I reached High School. I lost a significant amount of weight, crushed on several boys, and let my studies slide. I must have paid attention just enough however, to start college at 16 through the Running Start program. I have since given up on boys, clothes, and makeup for the things that truly make me happy. Music, art, writing, reading... More intellectual pursuits rather than popular ones.

In January of 2000, however, my life had a very large meltdown. I lost a boyfriend, found out that my previous fooling around in school was going to hold me back a year, found myself in an incredible amount of debt for an eighteen-year-old, stopped speaking to my father, and nearly lost the support of my mother, who has been the only constant in my ever-changing life. But things got better.

I found the wonderful world of gainful employment and discovered that the city I had lived in since birth contained a hidden center of interesting, kind and unusual people, places, and especially coffee shops. While working for an old hippie I finally figured out not only who I am, but who I want to be. The States nearly fell apart on 09/11/2001, but in the midst of the fear and terror that surrounded nearly every American, I found love. On 09/13/2001 I met Ray, my best-friend and life partner. He’s just as weird as I am. It’s wonderful.

He also earns bonus points for what happened next. I started feeling physically crummy in late 1999, but figured it was just stress. While working for the ol’ hippie, I stopped and realized that it was more. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2001 and lost my gallbladder that same year. In 2002, after being hospitalized for pancreatitus, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome. By November of 2003, my body had finally let me know that working as an insurance agent (which I was at the time) was no longer an option for me, nor any other conventional job. Again, my Mom stepped in and saved me. She has allowed me to live with her, rent free, since.

Life, it seemed, had kicked me in the butt again. This is when I remembered my roots; my reading and writing and artwork. These are not only my earliest of passions, I realized, but the most likely career choice for me. So here I am, working on stories and graphic novels, determined to get published.

And through all of it, that weird little Ray guy has stayed with me. Supporting me when and how he could through his own problems, upsets and dramas. Kinda cool, huh?

And so finally, my adventure begins…

Update (5/25/08): I'm still not published, but hopeful. I was recently diagnosed with Spondylitis throughout my spine, and have adapted my life again. In April 08, I was finally awarded Social Security Disability. One goal down. Now I can concentrate on the important things in my life. And yeah, that weird little Ray guy is still around... glutton for punishment, I guess. :D